About From Working to Wisdom

From Working to Wisdom is a book of stories. Inside are the voices of forty-six older Americans, drawn from all corners of life, all speaking to us directly, telling us their memories, adventures, regrets, dreams, and hopes.

This is also a book about stories—about the way that reading another person’s life story can help us to understand our own.

This book strives for wisdom. But it doesn’t do so by simplifying, or by presenting abstract concepts and one-size-fits-all principles. Instead, it focuses on the stuff of life, believing that every individual story contains vital universal lessons, many of which can’t be expressed by any other means.

From Working to Wisdom is a book about growing older. But it’s also a book about how, with time, we can grow more purposeful, more joyful, more satisfied, happier, and more prepared to take from each day all life has to offer.

Read samples of From Working to Wisdom:

Read the Table of Contents

Read an excerpt from the Introduction

Meet some of the individuals in the book:

Susumu Ito “I Just Decided to Live That Way”

Elizabeth Steedley “I Just Go and Do”

Jon Turk “As Mortality Gets Closer, You Get Serious”

Esther May Parsons “You Have to Put Yourself Out There”

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